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Margot Van de put

Margot Van de put is Grote Routepaden’s general director. Would you like to know more about our organisation or are you interested in working together? Contact Margot at:

+32(0)489 46 50 03 margot.vandeput@groteroutepaden.be

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Isabel Hoogewijs

Isabel Hoogewijs supports our volunteers with route maintenance and the publication of our guidebooks. Would you like to know more about our trails are designed and what criteria we use? Contact Isabel at:

+32(0)473 34 07 15

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Sus Sandrap

Sus Sandrap manages the reception and administration at Grote Routepaden. If you are looking for information about one of our trails or guidebooks, please contact Sus at:

+32(0)487 208 201

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Karen De Pooter

Karen De Pooter oversees external communications. Do you have a nice story to share about one of our trails? Or are you looking for more information to publish your own article? Contact Karen at:

+32 (0) 487 25 55 83 karen.depooter@groteroutepaden.be