How does the full GR 12 Amsterdam-Paris cross borders?

GR 12 Amsterdam-Paris passes through 3 countries, and several hiking guides are needed to hike the full nearly 1,000 km stretch.

In the Netherlands, GR 12 follows the route of the Floris V path (LAW 1-3). This long-distance hiking trail is 245 km long and guides you from Dam Square in Amsterdam to Bergen op Zoom. The full route is described in the guide Floris V-pad, Dutch part Amsterdam-Paris.

In Belgium, the GR 12 Amsterdam-Paris is split into 2 parts: a Flemish part from Bergen op Zoom to Braine-le-Château, and a Walloon part from Braine-le-Château to Moulin-Manteau on the French border. The Flemish and Brussels part (204 km) is described in this guide, the 165-kilometre Walloon part can be found in the topoguide GR 12 Amsterdam-Bruxelles-Paris (Bruxelles et Wallonie)/GR 121 Wavre-Boulogne-sur-Mer (Brabant wallon).

In France, the GR 12 continues with the GR 654 to Son. Between Son and Amifontaine, GR 12 follows its own route and no topoguide is available. From Amifontaine to the Étang de Comelle (near the Château de la Reine Blanche), you'll find directions and maps of the GR 12 in the topoguide Topoguide Les GR du Picardie. At the Étang de Comelle, GR 12 joins GR 655, described in the Topoguide GR 655 Sentier vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle: Bruxelles-Paris-Tours. Finally, the GR 1 Tour de l'île de France takes you right into the heart of Paris.