GR 131 starts in the old city of  Damme and runs diagonally through the province of West Flanders to the Ieperboog. The trail connects GR 5A in the north of the province with GR 128 in the south.

The trail comprises 3 sections: the Bruges Ommeland, the Woodland, and the Yser Valley with the Ypres Arch. In the first two sections, the forests take centre stage, in the last section the water. The whole route exudes a rich and fascinating history. After Damme, the green areas follow in quick succession. From Koekelare onwards, the 'Great War' then claims all the attention. After Ypres it's only a short step to the Provincial Domain De Palingbeek in Zillebeke: here in the Molenbos the GR 131 trail joins the GR 128 trail.