GR 564 is variety and contrast. Dunes and fens, sand and water, heath and forest. Wet meadows, fruit plantations and maize, large square farms and small villages with pointed church towers. In Haspengouw, you are constantly surprised by wide open views. You cross the language border and dive into the valley of the Mehaigne with its highs and lows, castles and old villages.

In the first part of your trip, you will discover the sandy hills of the Limburgse Kempen. Through forests and nature reserves, past fens and ponds, the route heads south. You pass Bokrijk and at Diepenbeek you cross the Albert Canal.
Then the landscape changes. First you pass through the damp Demer valley and from Kortessem you walk through Limburg Haspengouw, where you can enjoy the many blossoms on the fruit plantations in spring. Here and there you are surprised by a pointed church tower of an old, sometimes almost sleepy village centre. Beyond Landen, you cross the language border and first enter the region that many centuries ago was the core area of the Merovingian court masters.
In the final section, the landscape initially changes little. You stay in Haspengouw for a while, passing through Hannut and Avennes, where you reach the valley of the Mehaigne. Now you start climbing and descending: damp valleys with forests and marshes, fields on the heights and here and there an imposing castle. Your tour ends in Huy on the banks of the Meuse, where the trail connects to GR 576.