LF stands for 'Lange (-afstand) Fietsroutes' (Long (distance) Cycle routes) or “Landelijke Fietsroutes” (National Cycle routes). These routes are linear tracks. They traverse various regions or even countries and they always use safe bicycle paths off the main roads.

LF-routes are very useful for planning weekend or day trips and perfect for planning multi-day cycle trips or cycling holidays. They allow you to put together your own section based on different LF-routes. You can also choose to follow a specific themed LF from start to end, even across borders. In this way you will discover quite some surprising sites both at home and abroad in a sporty manner. 

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The Flemish LF network includes 10 routes, providing more than 1500 km of cycling pleasure. All routes have their own theme and they guide you throughout Flanders. You can conquer the Flemish Hills, cycle along the coast or rivers or discover the colourful countryside or cities like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven and Brussels. There is something to suit all tastes! 

>> A summary of all LF routes in Flanders.

The entire network is signposted in two directions with rectangular white signs with green lettering. The signs show the direction, the route number and the name of the LF concerned. The responsibility of managing and maintaining the routes is shared by Tourism Flanders and Grote Routepaden vzw.

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The Flemish LF routes do not end at the regional border. They link up with the Walloon as well as the international network of long distance cycling routes. Moreover, the LF network conforms to the cycle node network which allows you to switch easily from one network to another.

>> More information about the international LF network.


Get on your bicycle and let LF seduce you!