Signposting and maintenance


LF5 bordje   LF1 Noordzeeroute bordje


The Flemish LF-network is completely signposted in two directions by rectangular white metal signs with green lettering. The signs indicate the direction as well as the number and name of the LF-route.


In case of a temporarily changed traffic situation, for instance because of road works, a re-routing is provided via an alternative section. These re-routings are indicated by orange-red LF re-routing stickers. As soon as the original traffic situation is restored, these stickers are removed.

LF routesticker

If route signs have disappeared or have become illegible, sometimes white LF-stickers are used, so that cyclists don’t get lost. These stickers are a temporary solution and are only used if there is not enough material available to rectify the situation at the moment of the checking. As soon as the signposting in the field is restored the stickers are removed.

If you experienced problems with the signposting during your cycling trip, 

report them here.


onderhoud LF-routes   ''


For the maintenance of the LF-routes Tourism Flanders and Grote Routepaden can rely on more than 30 volunteers, LF-godfathers and –mothers. Each volunteer is responsible for a section near his or her home. At least twice a year, in spring and in autumn, these LF-godfathers and –mothers set off on a checking tour. They cycle the section for which they are responsible and take care of maintenance works, if necessary.


In terms of maintenance, it is important to distinguish between the route and the infrastructure. LF-routes use existing public roads and paths. The condition of these roads and paths are the responsibility of the road authorities. This means that also the maintenance of this infrastructure is the responsibility of the road authorities and neither of Grote Routepaden or Tourism Flanders.

If the infrastructure along a route is not up to standard, Tourism Flanders and Grote Routepaden take the necessary steps to change it. They inform the road authorities and ask them to improve the situation.

If the infrastructure has caused you problems on your cycling trip, report them here.

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