131 km of waymarked trails run through the hills of the Westhoek (West Flanders) and form the yellow-red thread of the Regional GR Heuvelland. You will discover a unique hiking area with authentic villages, panoramic views and undisturbed nature reserves, and even take a small side trip to France. Reminders of the Great War are also always close by.

The Regional GR Heuvelland (Streek-GR Heuvelland) features many panoramic highlights: Katsberg and Casselberg, Vidaigneberg, Rodeberg, Scherpenberg and Monteberg. Allow yourself to be surprised by several attractive nature reserves, such as De Breemeersen, Broekelzen and Sulferberg. In Bailleul, Cassel and Steenvoorde, you will notice that Flanders continues well into France. On the Belgian side of the river Schreve, the towns of Mesen and Nieuwkerke exude tranquillity and peace.