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LF 38 Dender-Waaslandroute

The LF 38 is one of the four cross-links in the large circular Flanders Cycle Route. From De Klinge to Geraardsbergen is a trip of 100 km. Highlights of the route are the green lungs along the winding rivers Scheldt and Dender and their contrast to the historical centers of the small, charming towns of the Waasland.

Immerse yourself in the green oases along the meandering rivers Scheldt and Dender.

from north to south:

The route starts near De Klinge, on the Belgian-Dutch border. On a former railway bed the route finds its way through the Land of Waas, via Sint-Gillis-Waas to Sint-Niklaas. After the recreation park De Ster the route leads through open polders with round fields to the Scheldt. You cross the river in Temse. The route continues upstream, together with the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route. It follows the great curves of the Scheldt through Klein-Brabant, past Weert, Mariekerke and St. Amands. It might be a good idea to ‘forget’ your picnic, because you’ll greatly appreciate an eel dish in one of the restaurants on the road as an alternative. From the Scheldt bridge just before Dendermonde, the Flanders Cycle Route continues to follow the Scheldt on its way to Ghent. The LF 38 chooses Dendermonde, Aalst, Ninove and Geraardsbergen. Riding across the Market of Dendermonde is a unique cycling experience. After Dendermonde the route winds through the scenic landscapes of the Dender valley to the center of Aalst. The slopes of the Pajottenland and the Flemish Ardennes are beckoning, but they stay at a safe distance to the left and the right. Instead of these slopes you get the smoothly running towpath of the Dender under your wheels, far away from any traffic. The bridge of Pollare is worth another stop, because of its valuable iron architecture. If you want to test your fitness at the finishing point of the route in the center of Geraardsbergen, just turn to the left and try to reach the top of the Wall. If you succeed, you are entitled to a big ‘mattentaart’.

Round trip:

  • For a beautiful LF-combination of about 180 km you can start in Dendermonde and cycle along the LF 38 to Geraardsbergen. Here you take the LF 6 Flanders Cycling Route westward till Kluisbergen, where you switch over to the LF 30 Scheldt Delta Route in the direction of Gent. Just past the bridge in Melle you meet the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route, which will take you back to Dendermonde.

Linked routes

The other cross-links are the LF 2, the LF 30 and the LF 35.


Illustrations LF 38 Dender-Waaslandroute

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