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LF 51 Kempenroute - Flanders

The LF 51 Campina Route has a length of 120 km. It runs, partly in Flanders and partly in the Netherlands, through the beautiful Campina landscape with its forests, marshes, moors and meadows. The Flemish part is 75 km long.

"Where the sky touches the moor”. This is how a priest in Postel once described the beautiful landscape of the Campina. On this adventurous trip you will discover the splendour of this region at both sides of the border. On exciting paths you cycle along a patchwork of old arable land, hedges and banks. You traverse poor heathland and cycle through marshlands along foaming streams till deep in the woods around the Dutch-Belgian border. There, the rushes, fringes of reeds and sweet smelling gale make way for wood anemone, pine resin and swampy moss. If you are lucky, you’ll see a startled deer, hare or a lurking hawk rushing by.

Admire on your bike the Campina in all its facets!

from east to west:

The route crosses the Belgian-Dutch border near Postel. Along the Dessel-Turnhout-Schoten canal you arrive in Dessel. There you leave the canal and cycle through the typical Campina landscape via Kasterlee to Herentals. Along the Gedempte Vaart you cycle through Grobbendonk to the Albert Canal. This canal takes you via Vierseldijk, Massenhoven, Oelegem and Wijnegem to Merksem, a district of Antwerp. Through the harbour area and past the hangars along the Scheldt you reach Het Steen, endpoint of the route.

Linked routes

Near Postel the Dutch part and the Flemish part of the LF 51 Campina Route meet. 

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