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LF 35 Campina-Haspengouwroute

The LF 35 is one of the four cross-links in the large circular Flanders Cycle Route. It starts in Tilburg and connects the Dutch with the Flemish LF-network. The distance from Baarle-Hertog, on the Dutch/Belgian border, to Sint-Truiden is 110 km. You cross the Campina mostly alongside canals, which guarantees that the cycle paths are safe and quiet. In Hageland and Haspengouw the roads are neither straight nor flat. But the non-climbers don’t need to panic. Only between Kwaadmechelen and Sint-Truiden they have to face some small hills.

The straight lines alongside the canals and the 'Iron Way' and the many bends in the Hageland and Haspengouw provide plenty of variety.

from north to south:

The route starts at the enclaves Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog. The Bels Lijntje, a former railway track, takes you to Weelde on Flemish soil. From Turnhout the route runs along the canal Turnhout-Dessel, together with the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route. At the canal intersection in Dessel-Witgoor it chooses the tow path along the canal Dessel-Kwaadmechelen, starting with a dip in the 'Silver Lake'. At the Albert Canal you touch the province of Limburg. Via the Halve Maan you cycle around Diest in Flemish Brabant and then southward to Webbekom. There the route makes a definite choice for the province of Limburg. From Halen to Geetbets you paddle on a former railway line, the 'Iron Way’. After having passed Zoutleeuw and Wilderen, you meet the LF 6 Flanders Cycle Route just beyond Sint-Truiden.

round trips:

The LF 35 Campina Haspengouw Route is a perfect link in multi-day trips through the provinces of Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and Limburg:

  • For the circular trip Sint-Truiden – Leuven – Mechelen – Lier – Turnhout – Diest - St. Truiden you combine successively the LF 6 Flanders Cycle Route, the LF 2 Cities Route, the LF 5 LF Flanders Cycle Route and the LF 35 Campina-Haspengouw route. This trip is about 270 km long. 
  • For a circular trip along the borders of the province of Limburg via Sint-Truiden – Tongeren – Lanaken – Maaseik – Lommel - Sint- Truiden you follow successively the signs of the LF 6, the LF 5 and the LF 7 Flanders Cycle Route and then the LF 35 Campina Haspengouw Route. This trip is about 255 km long.

Linked routes

The other cross-links of the Flanders Cycle Route are the LF 2, the LF 30 and the LF 38.

Illustrations LF 35 Campina-Haspengouwroute

info LF 35 Campina-Haspengouwroute

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