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LF 2 Cities Route - Flanders

The LF 2 Cities Route strings together several Dutch and Flemish cities. You pedal in 337 km from Amsterdam to Brussels. This international route alternates the culture, architecture and pleasant activity of the big Dutch and Flemish cities with the peace and quiet of typically Dutch and Flemish sceneries.

It is very handy to visit the cities by bike: full mobility, no traffic jams and innumerable parking possibilities. Therefore, this tour is an absolute must for lovers of city breaks.

The LF 2 Cities Route through Flanders (150 km) connects the northern (LF 5) and the southern (LF 6) branch of the Flanders Cycle Route, offering numerous possibilities for shorter circular routes in Flanders. Lovers of historical cities e.g. can combine the LF 2 with the Flanders Cycle Route to visit Ghent and Bruges, but also Lier, Maaseik and Tongeren.

Get on your bike and cycle from centuries-old village chapels and farmhouses to gothic cathedrals and 19th-century city palaces.

From North to South:

The route starts in the center of Amsterdam and runs through the Green Heart of Holland southwards to Rotterdam, or by an alternative route to Gouda. Past Roosendaal you cross the Dutch-Belgian border in Huybergen. Through the state nature reserve Kalmthoutse Heide (Kalmthout Heathland) you pedal to Antwerp. The route leads you along the Scheldt Quays to the historical touristic heart of the city. In the Rupel area the old brickyards and unused chimneys are silent witnesses of a hard industrial past. Along the banks of the Dyle you ride to the tower of the Sint-Rombouts cathedral, right in the center of Malines. Near the zoo of Plankendael on the Leuvense Vaart you can spot storks. Via the Dyle Canal you continue your trip to Leuven. We hope that you allowed sufficient time for this part. In fact you should do so for the entire Cities Route. It would be a pity not to have enough time in Leuven to stop at the University hall, the late Gothic town hall and the Saint-Peter’s church. After that you continue over the Brabantine hills and the vast Zonian Forest to the center of Brussels. Because of the short distances between the cities and the proximity of railway stations along the route, the combination train-bicycle is easily feasible. For instance, if you leave the Malines railway station by the rear exit, you immediately get to the Cities Route.

In the Brussels Region signposting is not allowed for the time being. Therefore, the signposting of the LF 2 Cities Route starts or ends, depending on your direction of travel, on Flemish soil, near the Vossem Pond, (north)east of Tervuren.

Linked routes

The connection with the Dutch part of the LF 2 Cities Route is near Essen, at the Belgian-Dutch border.

Between Merksem and the Saint-Anna tunnel (Antwerp) the LF 2 Cities Route and the LF 51 Campina Route overlap. Between Schelle and Boom there is an overlap with the LF 5, the northern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route. And between Heverlee and Leefdal, south of Leuven, the LF 2 Cities Route overlaps the LF 6, the southern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route.

Between Antwerp and Malines and at its finish in Brussels there are connections with the Van Gogh Route and in Malines with the Saint James Cycle Route.

Illustrations LF 2 Cities Route - Flanders

info LF 2 Cities Route - Flanders

  • distanceDistance: 150 km
  • trajectoryTrajectory:
    • Essen
    • Brussel
  • viaVia: Kalmthout
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