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LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route

The LF 5 is the northern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route. It covers a distance of 300 km from the historical “Book Town” Damme to the “White town” Thorn on the Maas. This route mainly follows traffic-free paths alongside rivers and canals, but also winds its way on quiet roads through the woods and heathland of the green Campina.

Cycling on the ramparts of Bruges and through the historical center of Ghent you see many touristic highlights. By switching to the LF 2 Cities Route at the Rupel ferry in Schelle and the LF 51 Campina Route in Vierseldijk you can even cycle to the Marketplace of Antwerp. In Turnhout you explore the New Quay, where water, city and greenery meet.

Explore on your bike some great Flemish cities of art: Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp!

From West to East:

The LF 5 starts in Damme, the meeting point with the LF 1 North Sea Route, the western branch of the Flanders Cycle Route. After a short trip through the Bruges Ommeland you reach the famous “Venice of the North”. Cycling on the ramparts you can admire the famous wooden windmills and historic city gates of Bruges. From the capital of West-Flanders the route runs along the canal Ghent-Oostende. Here you’ll get to know the agricultural landscape, characteristic for this region. The sparkling cultural city of Ghent will undoubtedly charm you and the moment you leave her, you may silently regret her. From Ghent the route runs downstream along the Scheldt till the Lock of Hingene. The broad river is not only a natural blessing but also a touristic one. The salt meadows and polders are still unspoiled. If you switch to the LF 2 Cities Route here, you can ride to the center of the “Diamond City” of Antwerp. Via the Rupel dike you reach Boom and the sites of the lost brick industry. Where Rupel and Nete meet, you can switch once more to the LF 2 Cities Route to ride to the exuberant city of Malines. Alter Lier, with the famous Zimmer Tower, you plunge into the green Campina with its center “Playing Card City” Turnhout. The northern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route continues along green areas, agricultural regions and many small Campina villages, where every market place is bound to have a café. Tasting the local beers and cheeses, you ride past villages, woods, dune areas and canals to Thorn, the small border town on the Maas with its bumpy streets and white houses. From here you can continue to explore Flanders on the LF 7 Flanders Cycle Route.

Linked routes

The Flanders Cycle Route is made up out of four Flemish LF-routes: LF 1, LF 5, LF 7 and LF 6. In Damme the LF 5 connects with the LF 1 and in Thorn with the LF 7.

The LF 5 also connects with several other Flemish LF-routes.

From west to east: 

In Thorn there is a possibility to switch to the LF 5 Junction route, which in Roermond meets the LF 3 Maas Route, the Hanse Cycle Route, the Green Valleys Route and the Eifel-variant of the Green Way to the Mediterranean Sea. Besides that, the white town Thorn also offers the connection with the Dutch LF 7 Oeverlandroute.

Between Damme and Bruges the LF 5 overlaps with the Green Valleys Route. Between Schelle and Boom the Van Gogh Route runs along the LF 5. The Saint Jacobs Route does the same between Duffel and Zoersel. Thanks to the LF 5 Junction route between Thorn and Roermond it is possible to take up the Green Way to the Mediterranean Sea.

Illustrations LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route

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