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LF 7 Flanders Cycle Route

The LF 7 is the eastern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route and at the same time the Belgian section of the Dutch LF 7 Oeverlandroute which brings you over a distance of 350 km from Alkmaar (North-Holland) to Maastricht (Limburg). The flat Flemish section from Thorn to Kanne (Riemst) is relatively short, 50 km, and can be cycled in one day.

You cycle mainly along the Maas, here called the “Border Maas” because the river is the natural border between Belgium and Holland. Near Leut the tracks on the dikes along the Maas are exchanged for the tow paths along the Zuid-Willemsvaart, which take you from Maasmechelen to the Albert Canal near Lanaken. The last part of this section runs along the north bank of the Albert Canal to the marl village of Kanne

Let the water guide you in discovering the flat landscape of the Maas.

From North to South:

You leave the “White Town” of Thorn on cobbled alleys and immediately you make acquaintance with the capricious course of the Maas and its many ponds that were created by the gravel extraction. Some of them have a recreational destination now, like the yacht basins of the Spaanjerd in Ophoven and the Herenlaak in Aldeneik. The historical town of Maaseik is well worth a visit. The route leads you over the market place, where the brothers Van Eyck run the show. Also the Museactron with the oldest private pharmacy of Belgium, the Archeological Museum and the Bakery Museum are worth a stop. Between Maasmechelen and Lanaken you ride along the Zuid-Willemsvaart. The Briegden Canal connects the Zuid-Willemsvaart with the Albert Canal on Belgian soil. When cycling along the Albert Canal you brush past Maastricht. From the tow path you see the many mysterious openings of the marl caves. In former days the marl was used as building material and fertilizer for the fields. In the last part of the section you’ll have to stand on the pedals to climb the Muizenberg. Descending this hill you get a nice view of the Neercanne castle with its splendid gardens. The section ends in Kanne, borough of Riemst. From here you can cycle without any problem till Voeren on the junction system of the cycling network of Limburg Tourism.

Linked routes

The Flanders Cycle Route is made up out of four Flemish LF-routes: the LF 1, LF 5, LF 7 and LF 6. In Thorn the LF 7 connects with the LF 5 and in Kanne with the LF 6.

In Thorn there is a connection with the Dutch LF 7 Oeverlandroute and the LF 5 Junction route, which in Roermond meets the LF 3 Maas Route, the Hanse Cycle Route, the Green Valleys Route and the Eifel-variant of the Green Way to the Mediterranean Sea.

In Kanne there is a connection with the LF 6 Junction Route which in Maastricht meets the LF 3 Maasroute, the route Along Old Ways or the Green Way to the Mediterranean.

The LF 7 Flanders Cycle Route and the LF 3 Maasroute run largely parallel, one on Flemish soil and the other on Dutch soil with the Maas in between them.

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