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LF 6 Flanders Cycle Route

With its length of 360 km the southern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route, LF 6, is the longest section of this Flemish circular route. Cycling from Kanne to Vleteren you discover a different aspect of the varied Flemish landscape. The flat Dutch scenery changes into the hilly landscapes of Haspengouw, Hageland, Pajottenland and the Flemish Ardennes. The route offers splendid views and takes you past picturesque villages. The cycle-friendly tracks wind through a rolling landscape, requiring some effort, but not too much.

From Kanne it is also possible to take up the LF 6 Junction route in northeast direction. This route connects with the Dutch LF 6 that, in its turn, assures a connection with the LF 3 Maasroute and the German city of Aachen. In Aachen you can switch to the German cycling network.

Take up the challenge and feel like a king on the top of the Flemish hills!

From East to West:

On a small winding road you leave Kanne and the region of the border river Maas. A quiet trip, parallel to the Flemish-Walloon border, takes you to the Roman city of Tongeren. From there you cycle on old Roman roads amongst vast orchards to Sint-Truiden, right through Haspengouw and Hageland, the fruit growing areas of Flanders. Along hollow roads and through the Meerdal Wood you arrive in Leuven, Belgian’s oldest university town. The Green Belt, south of Brussels lives up to its name with the Sonian Wood. This green lung brings you in the Pajottenland, famous for its typical beers, like Kriek and Geuze. After having crossed the river Dender, you enter the Flemish Ardennes, the battlefield of many Flemish cycle classics, with the Tour of Flanders as the most famous and most important. The Flanders Cycle Route takes it a bit easier here and lets you enjoy the rolling landscapes. From the Kluisberg you freewheel to the Scheldt, where the landscape flattens again. The valley of the Leie brings you to Kortrijk and later on to Ieper. In this city the war history has left deep scars. The southern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route ends in Vleteren in the picturesque surroundings of the river Yser.

Linked routes

The Flanders Cycle Route is made up out of the following Flemish LF-routes: the LF 1, LF 5, LF 7 and LF 6. In Kanne the LF 6 connects with the LF 7 and in Vleteren with the LF 1.

The LF 6 also meets quite some other Flemish LF-routes.

From east to west:

In Kanne the LF 6 connects with the LF 6 Junction Route which leads to the center of Maastricht and even further to the German border near Aachen. Thanks to this Junction Route you can easily switch to the cycle routes Along Old Ways or the Green Way to the Mediterranean. Just past Maastricht there is a junction with the LF 3 Maas Route.

From Hoegaarden and Bossuit there are approaching routes to the Green Valleys Route. Also in Vleteren, at the end of the LF 6, there is a possibility to switch to the Green Valleys Route by taking a short section of the LF 1 North See Route.

In Halle there is a junction with the Van Gogh Route, in Schendelbeke with the Saint Jacobsroute and near Ieper with the Frontline Route.

Illustrations LF 6 Flanders Cycle Route

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