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LF 9 NAP-route - Flanders

This LF-route is the Flemish tail end of the Dutch LF 9 NAP-route. It has an exceptional theme: the Normal Amsterdam Level. It follows as closely as possible the coastline that would come into being should all dikes and dunes disappear. This cycle route runs diagonally through the Netherlands, connecting Nieuweschans in the extreme northeast with Breda over a distance of about 455 km. South of Breda is the connection with the Flemish part of the LF 9. The route enters Flanders in Meer and runs to Zoersel, via Loenhout and Brecht, a distance of 50 km. The stretch between Loenhout and Zoersel uses the former LF 50 'Youth Hostel Route'.

Explore the peaceful Campine and enjoy its memory over a glass of sparkling Westmalle Trappist beer. 

from north to south:

The first ten kilometers of the route on Flemish soil run on a traffic-free cycle path along the Mark, a picturesque stream that rises near Turnhout. After that you cycle on small farm roads where only agricultural vehicles are allowed. You touch the edge of the heathland Brechtse Heide. A bit further the Trappist Abbey of Westmalle beckons. To enjoy a double or triple all you have to do is leave the route for 2 km. In Einhoven (Zoersel) the LF 9 meets the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route. The youth hostel in Zoersel is a special halting place, where an enthusiastic group of volunteers will welcome you.

Linked routes

from north to south:

South of Breda, near Meer, the Flemish and Dutch sections of the LF 9 meet.

Between Breda (NL) and Meer (B), the LF 9 NAP route overlaps with the St. Jacobs Route. In Zoersel too, there is a junction with this route to Compostela.

Between Terbeek and Brecht there are several junctions with the Van Gogh route.

Just past Zoersel the LF 9 NAP route meets the LF 5, the northern branch of the Flanders Cycle Route.

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