What is a GR trail

3 April 2023
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Have you ever gone on a hike in Flanders? Odds are that you came across our white-red striped markers if you did. They can be found on trees and signposts, as well as in other places. The foundation for our routes was laid back in the 1970s. Over the decades, they have grown into an extensive network of long-distance hiking trails. Today, no less than 4,700 km of GR trails run through Flanders, developed and signposted by hundreds of volunteers.

There are two types of paths: GR and Regional GR trails. GR trails traverse several regions. They are numbered and marked with white and red stripes. While some remain within Flanders, others cross over into Wallonia or a neighbouring country. Regional GRs, on the other hand, explore one region only. Instead of a number, they have a name and are marked with yellow and red stripes.