Roughly following the borders of the former County of Flanders, the GR 5A Hiking Loop of Flanders provides you with 598 km of high-quality hiking pleasure. The trail is waymarked with white and red strips in both directions and is easily accessible by public transport. It can therefore comfortably be divided into stages according to everyone's preferences and capabilities.

The GR 5A spoils the hiker with a bounty of natural beauty, as it runs from the vast polder landscapes in the northwest via the majestic Scheldt banks, the mysterious Dender region, the picturesque Flemish Ardennes and the quirky Westhoek region to the dunes and wide beaches of the North Sea coast. The cherry on the cake are the fascinating industrial heritage, historical towns and charming villages that add to the route’s variety. Fun fact: the GR 5A is one of the longest circular hiking trails in Europe.